€3.6m in funding for Irish post grad research

10 Jul 2007

In an effort to enable more graduates of science, technology and engineering to pursue post graduate and doctoral research, the Postgraduate Scholarship Research Scheme (Second Call) will award funding to those who have excelled in their final year exams.

The Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology (IRCSET) will fund 50 graduates, with roughly ten places within IRCSET’s Enterprise Partnership Scheme (EPS).

The EPS will co-fund these ten researchers in conjunction with several industry partners.

One of these partners is Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) which will possibly find one or two doctoral scholarships, specifically targeting the areas of transport energy efficiency, industrial energy efficiency or building energy efficiency.

Focusing on energy efficiency, scholarships will be accepted from the area of economics as well as science and engineering.

The primary intention of this funding is exploratory research aimed at developing new ideas, findings and concepts that will lead innovation in Irish science research.

Professor Jane Grimson, chair of IRCSET, said of this new funding initiative: “Ireland’s continued economic success is dependent on our ability to innovate.

“There is a wealth of research talent in Ireland and a strong desire by many graduates to pursue a career in research.

“IRCSET supports and facilitates these highly motivated researchers to deliver novel and creative research, ensuring we do not lose out to other centres of learning.”

Applications for funding are accepted online only, and closing date for application is August 10th.

Assessment for application success will be based not only on academic records but on research preparation, references and a personal statement.

Funding will be given for three years, and extended if necessary, depending on the area of research.

By Marie Boran