33 Irish-based researchers listed among world’s elite scientists

27 Nov 2018

Image: © connel_design/Stock.adobe.com

Of the world’s elite researchers cited in multiple publications, Ireland has 33 scientists within its ranks.

One of the greatest measurable ways of knowing what makes a great researcher is the number of times their work has been cited in other research. Now, Clarivate Analytics has published its list documenting the top 1pc of world researchers based on the number of citations.

A total of 6,000 researchers come under this list of ‘highly cited researchers’. It was based on papers published and cited between 2006 and 2016 and, for the first time, included a cross-field research category for those whose work spans more than a single field.

Now, it has been revealed that among a list that includes 17 Nobel laureates are 33 Irish-based researchers across multiple institutions and organisations.

Of that number, two researchers have been included twice due to the sheer quality of their work across multiple fields, including Prof Jonathan Coleman of Trinity College Dublin (TCD) for his contributions to chemistry and materials science, as well as Prof Michael Zaworotko of the University of Limerick (UL) in the fields of chemistry and pharmacology/toxicology.

Zaworotko joined UL in 2013 as the chair of crystal engineering at Bernal Institute and spoke to Siliconrepublic.com after being appointed co-director of the Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre last year.

Cork proved to be a major hub for the researchers to make this latest list, with 10 researchers from the Science Foundation Ireland-funded APC Microbiome Ireland included. These scientists are based at University College Cork (UCC) and Teagasc, and work in the areas of food, microbiome and health.

The remaining list of Irish-based researchers are as follows:

Agricultural sciences

Paul Allen – Teagasc

Elke K Arendt – UCC

Catherine Barry-Ryan – Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)

Paula Bourke – DIT

Nigel P Brunton – Teagasc

Gerald F Fitzgerald – UCC

Colm P O’Donnell – University College Dublin (UCD)

Paul Ross – UCC

Catherine Stanton – Teagasc

Da-Wen Sun – UCD

Brijesh K Tiwari – Teagasc


Andrew G Bowie – TCD

Yvonne M Buckley – TCD

Aiden Corvin – TCD

Paul D Cotter – Teagasc

Kenneth A Dawson – UCD

Timothy Dinan – UCC

Georg S Duesberg – TCD

Michael Gill – TCD

Colin Hill – UCC

Iseult Lynch – UCD

Derek W Morris – TCD

Orla O’Sullivan – Teagasc

Paul W O’Toole – UCC

Neuroscience and behaviour

John F Cryan – UCC

Clare Kelly – TCD


Henry J Curran – NUI Galway


Padraic G Fallon – TCD

Luke O’Neill – TCD


Colin O’Dowd – NUI Galway


Donal O’Regan – NUI Galway

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic