Audi asks Irish designers for Car of the Future ideas

24 Jun 2010

German car manufacturer Audi is calling on Irish students, researchers and scientists to submit their creative concepts for the automobile production of the future.

The topic of the 2010 idea contest topic is ‘The Production of Electric Automobiles’ and designers, working alone or in a team, are expected to ask themselves questions such as what the production of an Audi would look like if the car no longer had a gearbox. They must submit a concept portfolio in which they explain the current situation, the proposed solution and a path to that solution. The closing date for entries is 31 July.

Leading through technology

“Audi lives for ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ [lead through technology] in more than just its automobiles. We are also committed to innovative technologies in production, and electric mobility will play a particularly important role here in the years ahead,” says Frank Dreves, member of the Audi board for production. “We want to involve as many creative minds as possible to keep our production fit in the future, which is why we have created the Audi Production Award.”

“We are convinced that we will receive many innovative and creative entries because the competition is a unique opportunity for young employees and potential employees. It is important that the concept can be easily implemented and demonstrates clear progress over the state of the art,” says Dr Bernd Griesbach, spokesperson for the predevelopment and innovation team in production.

Trip to Audi headquarters in Ingolstadt

The eight best teams will be invited to a two-day workshop at Audi in Ingolstadt, Germany, where their concept will be presented to a jury before being developed further in a workshop with Audi managers. “The participants will thus receive direct feedback from our production specialists, and the two days here in Ingolstadt will certainly be a special experience for them,” adds Griesbach.

The candidates will have an additional two weeks after the workshop to revise their concepts. Audi will recognize the best team at an award ceremony in early November.

Entries must be auf Deutsch

One of the conditions of entry is that the concepts must be written in German. However, Audi says this should not deter potential applicants as entries will be judged solely on concepts and any translation errors will have no effect on the judges’ evaluation.

Additional information, a template for the concept portfolio and the entry rules are available at

By Deirdre Nolan