Awards scheme for top scholars

10 May 2005

The Royal Irish Academy (RIA) today launched an awards scheme that aims to recognise top talent across a range of disciplines.

With financial support from the HEA and the backing of Independent Newspapers, the initiative will see the establishment of a series of six RIA Gold Medals, two of which will be awarded each year.

The main objective of the awards is to raise awareness about the knowledge society in Ireland by bringing to public attention the achievement of outstanding scholars in Ireland.

Awards will be made in the humanities, social science, physical and mathematical science, life science, engineering sciences, the environment and geosciences. The first two awards will be made later this year in the areas of the humanities and physical and mathematical sciences.

At the launch of the awards today at the RIA, Michael Kelly, HEA chairman, said: “The HEA is particularly pleased to be associated with a project that rewards excellence. Without a continuous commitment to the highest standards of quality in higher education, Ireland cannot compete with the best in the world.”

By Brian Skelly