Back to the trenches – Apple and Samsung to return to the courts

4 Mar 2013

Apple and Samsung are set to return to the courts to fight over the ownership of patents concerning smartphones and tablet devices after Judge Lucy Koh shaved US$450m of the US$1.05bn awarded to Apple last year.

In August last year, a jury decided to award Apple US$1bn after it decided that Samsung had infringed Apple’s patents.

Koh is to appoint a new jury to the case to decide the damages that are to be paid for more than 14 other products that were found to have infringed Apple’s patents.

Samsung has pointed out that only three smartphones from the original case are still on sale in shops.

Koh has urged Apple and Samsung to avoid a pitched battle and instead negotiate a settlement.

The case, filed in 2011, is just one leg of a global series of battles between Apple and Samsung with each trying to restrict sales of the others’ devices.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years