Benefits of internet register with university

31 Aug 2006

Current Dublin City University (DCU) students will not have to cut their time abroad short or lose a day’s pay to queue for registration thanks to a new online registration system.

From yesterday, undergraduate students in second, third and fourth year are able to complete their registration from the comfort of their homes, travels or workplaces and will not have to face back to college until the first day of lectures on 25 September.

DCU’s one-stop shop registration system allows students to register for their course, select elective course subjects and pay fees all in one transaction. One of the main advantages for the university staff and students is that there’s no queues.

According to Kevin Griffin, director of registry at DCU, the new facility is an excellent opportunity for students to continue their travel and working commitments through to the end of the summer.

“The new online system is user friendly, efficient and accessible from anywhere in the world. It is also convenient for students who can avoid the queues that up until now have been part of the registration process,” he said.

Once students have registered online they receive confirmation of registration and within a week will receive a timetable and access to their portal page. ID cards can be collected before the semester begins.

The university is providing support from the registry, computer services department and the fees office for students who encounter difficulty registering online.

By Elaine Larkin