Weekend Takeaway: Breaking the chains on innovation

25 Jan 2019

Image: © Sergey Nivens/Stock.adobe.com

Irish Government embraces blockchain, survey suggests data centre for every parish and Brexit sees surge in dot-IE registrations.

Ireland’s Government unchains innovation with blockchain hackathon

A picture of Irish Government buildings with the gates opened.

Leinster House in Dublin. Image: phb.cz/Depositphotos

Can blockchain hold the key to the future of public services?

Dot-IE domain registrations in 2018 were boosted by rule change

Picture of Irish flag draped across a wooden desk.

Image: © WavebreakMediaMicro/Stock.adobe.com

Good news folks, the registration rule change worked!

KBC is first bank in Ireland to allow users to view other banks’ balances

Man in dark shirt holding up a smartphone.

Kelvin Gillen. Image: KBC

Is multi-banking the next step on the road to the multi-pass future?

ESB and Siemens to roll out 250,000 smart meters across Ireland

Man holding a lightbulb while adding up household bills.

Image: © lovelyday12/Stock.adobe.com

Smart meter project to be rolled out to Irish homes and businesses in 2019 and 2020.

IoT surge will require a data centre hub in every town

Traffic lights swirl around a religious statue on outskirts of an Irish town.

Image: © gabe9000c/Stock.adobe.com

Rise in smart devices will place an immense burden on the internet as we know it.

Inspirefest named among ‘coolest’ must-see events for 2019

A young girl in a space camp jumpsuit, four women and an older man pose for a group photo at Inspirefest 2018.

From left: Taylor Denise Richardson, Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon, Ann O’Dea, Prof Louise Kenny, Raju Narisetti and Lesley Tully at Inspirefest 2018. Image: Conor McCabe Photography

The Dublin sci-tech event with diversity and inclusion at its core is a recommended booking for entrepreneurs and more.

What does Facebook’s massive Dublin expansion mean for the Irish jobs market?

A view of the glass exterior and concrete steps leading up to the Facebook offices in Dublin on a clear day.

View of Facebook corporate office in Dublin. Image: Faithie/Depositphotos

Facebook’s plans to bring its total headcount in Ireland to 5,000 is good news for jobseekers, but what does it mean for Ireland more broadly?

KamaGames CEO on how the $500m games giant is winning in Dublin

Dark-haired man in white v-necked t-shirt. Black and white photo.

Andrey Kuznetsov. Image: KamaGames

KamaGames CEO Andrey Kuznetsov tells John Kennedy about the digital firm’s focus on a $137.9bn global games market.

Microsoft Office finally hits the Apple Mac App Store

An Apple MacBook displaying the new App Store featuring Microsoft Office products and various icons.

Image: Apple

Microsoft Office apps such as PowerPoint and Excel are now available on Apple’s Mac App Store.

Neanderthal weaponry shown to be far more advanced than we thought

Close-up of a Neanderthal waxwork man with long hair and beard holding a spear.

Image: © procy_ab/Stock.adobe.com

Researchers analysing ancient Neanderthal spears found that they are amazing examples of precision weaponry, not just basic tools.