Bonus points for higher-level maths officially introduced

12 Oct 2010

All seven universities in Ireland have now backed bonus points for higher-level maths in the Leaving Cert. Students will now receive 25 extra points for the subject level.

The Irish Universities Association made the announcement to reintroduce the extra points scheme for students who take on the subject at higher level.

From 2012 onwards, students who receive a D grade or higher will be awarded an additional 25 points for their exam.

“The introduction of bonus points for maths sends a clear signal to our leaving certificate students about the importance we attach to the study of maths,” said Tánaiste and Minister for Education Mary Coughlan.

ICT Ireland, who has campaigned for this over the last number of years, has welcomed this move.

“The reintroduction of bonus points is a significant step in encouraging greater uptake of higher-level maths,” said ICT Ireland director Paul Sweetman.

“The initiative will both reward students for their efforts in studying the subject and send a strong signal to the international business community that Ireland is serious about developing a smart economy.

“Higher-level maths provides students with key skills needed in all business sectors and, in particular, the skills needed for the high-tech jobs Ireland is working to attract,” he said.

Sweetman urged that attention needed to be focused on other areas to support greater uptake of the subject level, including curriculum reform, Project Maths and continuing development for maths teachers.