Cultural Dimensions of Innovation Conference

4 Nov 2010

A three-day conference will spotlight the relevance of the cultural dimension in innovation.

University College Dublin’s Innovation Research Unit along with UCD colleagues in Arts and Humanities and colleagues in the Netherlands will hold the Cultural Dimensions of Innovation Conference on 15-16 November, at Newman House, St Stephen’s Green in Dublin.

The conference will aim to analyse the socio-cultural forces which shape the economic, technological and political innovation agenda; to promote and establish an interface between academia, the Irish public and Dublin residents for the public discussion of innovation; to focus on the cultural sources of economic value creation by addressing specifically Dublin’s urban, community and artistic culture and their contribution to the country’s innovation agenda; to investigate how the arts are used by organisations as sources and models for innovating their routines and cultural and creative industries; and to critically analyse the impact of cultural activity for different economic contexts and the complex relationship between cultural production and social dynamics.

Nico Stehr, The Karl Mannheim Professor of Cultural Studies, Zeppelin University, Germany, is the keynote speaker, and other speakers include Prof John Caughie, University of Glasgow, and Dr Andrea Scharnhorst VKS, Maastricht University, The Netherlands.