DCU’s business matchmaking event returning to The Helix

5 May 2017

Image: iPhoto-Thailand/Shutterstock

DCU’s business matchmaking event returns for a third year, with the Helix hosting the get-together for companies and researchers.

Dublin City University (DCU) is gearing up for its Business Matchmaker event next week (11 May), where experts from various industries meet up with complementary academics.

This year, the sectors of note will include ICT, biopharma, internet of things, medtech, water management, business innovation and advanced manufacturing and materials.

The organisers hope attendees profile their business, outline their challenges, explore new ideas and understand the various options for potential collaboration.

Aimed at facilitating targeted exchanges between industry and academia, DCU wants to encourage greater communication and collaboration through access to talent, training and knowledge transfer – the last being a major issue for universities both in Ireland and abroad.

Richard Murphy, director of research at Alltech; Conor Burkw of The Mergon Healthcare Story; and Conor Hanley, CEO of Fire1, will speak at the event.

Hanley previously spoke at Inspirefest following a major year at Fire1. The medtech company is developing a novel remote-monitoring device, having secured $7.5m in a Series B funding round last year.

To attend the event, visitors must register by Sunday (7 May). Companies with both an established R&D programme and start-ups with new ideas are welcome.

Through registration, attendees provide company profiles and a list of challenges, which allows for a more tailored event when they get to their various 20-minute meeting slots.

At the time of publishing, there were already over 100 people attending, with dozens of meetings established in advance of the event.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic