Decawave scoops US technology award

19 Nov 2010

Dublin-based company Decawave has been awarded the ‘Best Technology Development’ for RTLS/WSN at an industry show in Boston, US.

The fabless semiconductor company specialising in ultra wideband (UWB) technology for real-time location systems (RTLS) and wireless sensor networks (WSN) picked up the ward at the IDTechEc industry show.

Decawave, founded in 2004, won with its flagship product ScenSor, which uses UWB technology to locate objects to a precision of 10cm – a superior capability of existing RTLS products.


Ciaran Connell, CEO of Decawave, said: “This is a particularly welcome award for Decawave and ScenSor, as we regard it as an imprimatur from industry peers.”

“ScenSor brings the benefits of location capability to the existing WSN market and the benefits of mesh networking to RTLS, thereby causing these two markets to converge and expand significantly,” he said.


Since going into development, ScenSor has attracted interest from more than 800 firms and research institutes from around the world, operating in markets as diverse as agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, smart housing, security, transport, and inventory and supply chain management.

The company recently announced €2m funding to complete a test chip sampling program, and is currently raising Series B investment to bring ScenSor to mass production.