Dublin tipped to host major Globe Forum on sustainable innovation

25 Sep 2009

Dublin may be the location next year for a major global conference and marketplace for sustainable innovation that matches innovators, entrepreneurs and investors in this burgeoning space.

Johan Gorecki, CEO of Globe Forum, told siliconrepublic.com that Ireland is among a number of European locations Globe Forum is considering for the event.

The other location that is vying for the event is Berlin. The event is targeted at being held in September 2010.

Gorecki described the conference as an international venue for matching people, ideas and businesses all focused on the sustainable innovation opportunity.

“The Globe Forum is a marketplace for sustainable development and innovation and consists of a few hundred thousand members who are trying to identify worthy research, business projects and entrepreneurial opportunities around the world. We think Ireland is a very interesting place,” Gorecki said.

“The idea is to pick a location and match local and international thought leaders from academic, research, the multinational community and infrastructure development projects in the public sector. We try to keep a balance between the four distinct groups.

“We believe sustainable development is the best place for supporting innovation and help this by match making this innovation taking place by multinationals and public projects, for example.”

The Globe Forum has been running for six years now and Gorecki believes Ireland presents a tantalising opportunity for innovation.

“We would hope by applying our match-making process to bring the best out of Ireland and identify at least 100 innovations for the global stage. One of the remarkable things I have noticed about Ireland is that 80pc of innovations relate to energy efficiency. There are exciting projects taking place such as SmartBay, for example.

“Our methodology is to focus on collaboration and possibilities, we don’t believe in too many people talking about big problems, but rather we focus on specifics and getting things done.

“In the midst of a global recession we are taking an aggressive approach and definitely believe that sustainable innovation and green efficiency will be strong forces in renewing the Irish economy, creating new opportunities for businesses and jobs for its people.

“We know that companies like IBM, Google and Intel have invested in considerable R&D facilities in the Irish economy and this will contribute to a strong sustainable innovation ecosystem in Ireland,” Gorecki said.

Gorecki, who is speaking at today’s IRCSET Symposium ‘Innovation fuelling the Smart Economy, said that Government and industry support will be fundamental to securing the event for Dublin in September 2010.

“It looks very positive. What we are trying to do is create the biggest sustainable marketplace in Europe. We can take the best out of Ireland.

“There is also the phenomena of the wider Irish community worldwide and this event will form an opportunity to invite Irish people from around the world to return and share their experiences in the sustainable innovation field. This is something unique that only Ireland can achieve,” Gorecki concluded.

By John Kennedy

Photo: A Globe Forum conference that aims to match people, ideas and businesses focused on the sustainable innovation opportunity may take place in Ireland next year.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years