Dyson’s latest breakthrough – a heater that keeps its cool

15 Sep 2011

The Dyson Hot fan heater - Dyson's latest engineering feat

Inventor James Dyson has come up with another breakthrough – a ceramic stone heater called ‘Hot’ that heats a room remarkably fast but won’t burn you.

The inventor behind the famous vacuum cleaner has decided to re-invent another overlooked domestic appliance and turn it into an object of desire that would set you back about stg£270.

Conventional heaters have limited settings; like a watched pot that never boils, they can’t always heat a whole room quickly. And central heating is sometimes wasted on the whole house.

Engineered to heat a room quickly, Dyson Hot fan heater has been designed to also heat a room evenly.

Dyson Hot fan heater can be set between 1C and 37C to heat a room. When it hits the desired temperature, it monitors the room temperature by measuring surrounding air. If a drop is detected, the heater turns back on to maintain the set temperature.

“Other fan heaters rely on inefficient motors or dust-friendly grills,” Dyson explained.

“As the heat rises, you’re left with a partially heated room and a worrying burning smell. Dyson engineers have developed a heater that produces no smell and heats the whole room.”

How Hot was boiled up

It took a team of 22 engineers – including experts in thermo dynamics and fluid mechanics – more than three years of research, development and testing of Dyson’s patented Air Multiplier technology for its application in a heater.

How it works: Using Air Multiplier technology, air is drawn in through a mixed flow impeller, a combination of the technologies used in turbochargers and jet engines. It is then accelerated through a 2.5mm aperture (the thickness of a £2 coin) set within the loop amplifier.

This creates a jet of hot air which passes over an airfoil-shaped ramp channelling its direction. Surrounding air is drawn into the airflow, amplifying it six times in a process known as inducement and entrainment.  

Hot features

Safety: Low surface temperatures throughout and no visible heating elements. And if tipped over, the machine has been engineered to automatically cut out.

Remote control: Turning the Dyson Hot fan heater on and off, adjusting temperature, airflow rate and controlling oscillation can be done easily from across a room. The remote control is curved and magnetised to store neatly on top of the machine.

Precision: Dyson Hot fan heater has temperature controls and an intelligent thermostat. Variable airflow and oscillation is controlled either by remote or on the front of the machine.

Cooling fan: Unlike conventional heaters, it has a dual-mode function as a cooling fan. In keeping with Dyson’s Air Multiplier range, it couples high airflow and velocity.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years