Education IT conference to focus on e-learning

11 May 2006

Belfast will host a major conference next month that aims to address how technology can be used to enhance learning and teaching in schools here and in other countries. The Northern Ireland e-learning programme Classroom 2000 (C2K) will be demonstrated to delegates as part of the event.

The second annual Xchange 2006 will take from 7-9 June and more than 300 teachers, academics, educationalists and industry leaders from Ireland, Britain, continental Europe and the US are set to attend.

E-learning will be the theme of the event. C2K will feature prominently through a programme of local school visits by delegates as well as student and principal presentations. In addition, teachers and pupils from across Ireland will be giving presentations on the cross-border barriers involved with e-learning.

The conference is organised by BECTA (the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency) and is sponsored by a host of technology companies including Apple, HP, Northgate, Microsoft and Promethean.

Mike Briscoe, chairman of the National Xchange Board and assistant director of BECTA, said the event would aim to engage delegates in an exchange of information about implementing ICT into education policy and practice. The conference will discuss a range of issues, including curriculum provision, IT innovation and the management of technologies, he added.

By Gordon Smith