Engineers gear up for some rugby robotics at UCD

13 Apr 2012

Engineers gear up for some rugby robotics at UCD

Rugby-playing robots … now what’s that all about? Well, up to 63 first-year engineering students will be bringing their robotic creations to the table next week for a competition called RoboRugby at UCD’s Engineering and Materials Science Centre.

The event itself is an annual one organised by Siemens to get engineering students thinking about robotics and the role they will play in technologies of the future.

The competing students have apparently spent thousands of hours designing, building and programming their own autonomous robots at the university.

And the robots themselves will be battling it out to score points by moving balls into scoring areas on a 2.4m playing table, while also trying to prevent the opposing robot from scoring.

We’ll reveal the winner on Tuesday evening!

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic