‘Explosive’ growth in science research

15 Oct 2007

The Irish Science Open Forum (ISOF), an open, independent forum which represents researchers and educators in science and technology in Ireland and aims to communicate their ideas to the public at large, launches today in the RDS in the middle of Maths Week 2007.

This launch will announce the agenda of the ISOF for the coming year, including an inaugural conference focusing on important research areas including nanotechnology, astrophysics and stem cell research.

This conference will give researchers the opportunity to showcase and highlight their research to a wider audience as well as use the trade exhibition as a means of creating valuable ties with companies, research agencies and other scientists.

ISOF Chairperson Tom Kennedy said of the launch: “There has been an explosive growth in Irish research with hundreds of young researchers undertaking vitally important studies and making significant contributions to science and engineering.

“ISOF has been established to support Irish researchers and celebrate the fact that Ireland is currently undergoing a renaissance in science, every bit as important as the celtic revival was in literature.”

Today’s launch follows a recent report published by Engineers Ireland and the Irish Academy of Engineers, Engineering a Knowledge Island 2020, suggested that for Ireland to become a top five global economy by 2020 the number of engineering and IT PhDs will have to increase by 13pc year-on-year.

By Marie Boran