Global leader uses Irish PhD’s vibration testing system

5 Aug 2011

MB Dynamics, a global leader in vibration testing based in Cleveland, Ohio, has licensed technology developed by Dr Gerard Kelly, a PhD researcher at University of Limerick (UL).

With a track record of innovation dating back to 1938, MB Dynamics is one of the pioneers of the vibration testing industry.

The company has a turnover of $5m-10m annually through its portfolio of products that induce, measure and control vibration and shock, primarily for applications in the automotive, industrial and aerospace industries. The global vibration test market is estimated to be worth $200m annually.

Kelly developed his Shock Generator Mechanism (SGM) product as part of his PhD research under the guidance of Dr Jeff Punch, director, Stokes Institute.

“Working with MB Dynamics enabled us to effectively bring the SGM to market and also provided me with invaluable exposure to industry. Seeing my PhD research realised in a commercial product is gratification for the long hours.”

In 2009, Kelly successfully adapted an existing prototype SGM to work with one of MB’s shakers. A prototype was shipped to MB Dynamics in early 2010 and has since formed the basis of a new product offering, which allows users to ‘dial up’ acceleration pulses.

MB Dynamics CEO Richard McCormick said: “Partnering with UL allowed us to develop a complete shock calibration system in a fraction of the time it would have required to do in-house.”

Photo: Dr Gerard Kelly and Dr Jeff Punch at the Stokes Institute laboratories, UL.