Globe Forum Dublin 2010

2 Nov 2010

Globe Forum 2010 is an international conference focused on matching people, ideas and business with sustainable innovation opportunities.

In these unpredictable times, cities need to play a major role in driving positive change for the global population and the planet. Smart and green cities do not yet exist. We have to develop them, both on a technological and societal level.

Globe Forum has joined with Dublin City and the Department of Communication to organise Globe Forum Dublin 2010 on 17-18 November at The Convention Centre, Spencer Dock, North Wall Quay, Dublin 1.

The conference will focus on the power of Irish innovation, both at home and globally. Through partnerships with innovative companies and Irish universities, the event will offer a unique programme which will highlight the emergence of Dublin as an Open City for Innovation. It will also bring international cutting-edge knowledge and influence to Dublin.

Globe Forum Dublin 2010 will look at how Dublin can become a global testbed for innovations and new ideas, a place where products and services can rapidly become prototypes. With this in mind, Dublin is in the enviable position of being the creative capital of Europe: a well-connected global hub and an Open City.

Another major focus of the conference is “the wisdom of the crowd” and how individuals, rather than venture capital, can fund sustainable innovation.

Globe Forum