HDTV goes interstellar

1 Apr 2008

The Irish Film Institute (IFI) will today screen exclusive high-definition (HD) images from the moon taken by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) a few weeks ago.

IFI Education, the educational department of the institute, will screen the footage as an introduction to the documentary feature, In the shadow of the moon, which brings together every surviving member from the Apollo missions. The screening is part of the IFI Education Spring/Summer 2008 Programme for students around the country.

The film will be introduced with a special address from Harrison Hagan ‘Jack’ Schmitt, an American geologist, former NASA astronaut and former US Senator who was the 12th person to walk on the moon.

The full programme for screening of the documentary and the moon footage is: 1 and 2 April, IFI, Dublin; 7 April, Letterkenny; 10 April, Galway Eye; 15 April, Athlone; 18 April, Dundalk; 22 April, Waterford; 25 April, Cork; 29 April, IFI, Dublin; and 1 May , IFI, Dublin.

IFI Education reaches 20,000 primary and secondary students with its education programmes.

By Niall Byrne