Weekend Takeaway: Health science is wealth science

28 Sep 2018

Image: Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock

Essential weekend reading all about health science this week, including medtech, careers, start-ups and policy.

RebelBio is the Cork success story that got away

SOSV general partner Bill Liao. Image: SOSV

SOSV’s Bill Liao believes that, in computer history terms, we’re reaching the Pentium era of synthetic biology and could soon be in the iPhone era. He talks to John Kennedy.

Trawling the vast ocean for molecular treasure

brown-haired woman in yellow jumper and black leather skirt speaking on stage with large red curtain in background.

Prof Christine Loscher speaking at TEDx DCU in 2016. Image: TEDx DCU/Flickr (All rights reserved)

Prof Christine Loscher is fishing for new molecules from the ocean to tame the immune system’s inflammatory response. She spoke to Dr Claire O’Connell.

17 health sciences start-ups from Ireland to watch

robotic hand holding red and blue pill.

Image: ktsdesign/Shutterstock

Ireland is in rude health when it comes to technology innovation. Here are 17 Irish innovators in health sciences worth keeping an eye on.

The future of healthcare as seen by Irish researchers

Image: sfam_photo/Shutterstock

For the future of healthcare and medicine, one needs to look no further than the recent Career Development Award winners from Science Foundation Ireland.

How seeing a car crash simulation sparked a love affair with the heart

Headshot of Dr Claire Conway.

Dr Claire Conway, lecturer in biomedical engineering at NUI Galway. Image: NUI Galway

Dr Claire Conway of NUI Galway is working to better understand how heart disease interacts with stents and other implants, for the benefit of millions.

Academia should be embarrassed by lack of clinical trial reporting

Row of multicoloured clinical files stretching far into the distance.

Image: giftzaa5069/Shutterstock

When it comes to reporting on the results of potentially life-changing medicine, almost 90pc of academic clinical trials in the EU never see the light of day. Why?

Don’t know what engineering role you want? Try them all, says MSD

A young brunette woman wearing a black frilled blouse looking at camera. An MSD logo can be seen in the background.

Michelle Cleary. Image: MSD

There are so many different types of roles available to engineers. While having options is a good thing, sometimes having so many choices can be difficult. Luckily, the flexible graduate programme at MSD circumvents this in a creative way.

The sheer scale of Boston’s life sciences sector is truly eye-opening

George Washington statue in Boston surrounded by colourful red, yellow and orange tulips.

George Washington statue, Boston. Image: Jorge Salcedo/Shutterstock

The statistics behind Boston’s life sciences sector are truly eye-opening, securing the city’s place as a powerhouse of innovation.

How do you guarantee you’ll never get bored at your job?

A young woman who works for BD with her hair pulled back smiles at the camera. She is wearing an electric blue shirt.

Femy Joy, a senior software engineer at BD. Image: BD

It’s impossible to totally stave off negative feelings at work. For BD’s Femy Joy, though, working in an industry that is constantly evolving is a great way to ensure there’s never a dull moment.

Why it’s important to get away from your desk during the working day

A photo of a young, dark haired and hirsute man leaning against a balcony railing looking into the camera.

James Davis, CSA lead at Shire. Image: Shire

For James Davis, the fact that he frequently gets away from his desk and into the field makes a huge difference to his employee experience at Shire.