Here are 5 pretty amazing biology gifs

22 May 2015

Biology is the only science subject that is interesting from the very first day we open a schoolbook on the topic – and here’s why…

Whereas physics sees us having to learn thinks like friction and kinetic energy, and chemistry requires laborious hours studying the periodic table, biology class for school kids has plants, dead frogs, insects and blood. Ah the blood.

To be fair it’s simply no contest for youngsters, until those crafty chemistry students get to play with explosive concoctions and make volcanoes.

Or physics kids mess around with perpetual motion (Newton’s cradle) and get their minds blown by all things about balance.

But anyway, biology rocks more than any other STEM subject (apart from, perhaps, geology). So here are five wondrous gifs showcasing everything from the creation of miniature humans to the elaborate artistry of flapping wings and cool butterflies.

5 amazing biology gifs Birth

5 amazing biology gifs muscles

5 amazing biology gifs wings

5 amazing biology gifs butterflies

5 amazing biology gifs breathing

We first spotted these on, which appears to have nabbed them from Sakainaoki’s blogspot.

Bird in flight image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic