IBM seeks multidisciplinary research staff for smarter cities centre

28 Jun 2011

IBM has hired 40 people out of the 200 positions within its Smarter Cities Technology Centre and said candidates don’t necessarily need a technological background to apply.

Speaking at the IRCHSS & IRCSET Postdoctoral Symposium in Dublin, Dr Pól Mac Aonghusa, senior research manager at the centre, said while those with technological skills were needed for computing ideas, half of the 40 already hired are not from a computer science background.

He said the centre is about more than just technology and candidates would work not only in labs, but also within universities, city authorities, and small and large businesses.

The Smarter Cities Technology Centre, on the IBM Technology Campus in Dublin, aims to help cities around the world better understand, connect and manage their operational systems, including transport, communication, water and energy.

Researchers will look at how analytics and visualisation techniques, combined with solutions such as the cloud and high-performance computing, can help authorities make the best use of resources.

Among their 3,000 research scientist positions worldwide, 200 will be hired in Ireland over the next two years.

Photo: Dr Pól Mac Aonghusa at the IRCHSS & IRCSET Postdoctoral Symposium in Dublin

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