Interview: Ben Verwaayen, CEO, Alcatel-Lucent, on fostering green growth and innovation (video)

5 Nov 2012

Alcatel-Lucent CEO Ben Verwaayan

Ahead of the Green Growth Forum which takes place in January in Dublin, we caught up with Alcatel-Lucent’s CEO Ben Verwaayen in Paris to talk green growth and the ongoing work of the GreenTouch Consortium into making networks more energy efficient.

We all know that sustainability is an imperative for the long term and that ICT is one of the enablers, says Ben Verwaayen, Alcatel-Lucent’s global CEO when we meet in Paris. “It is not the answer to all our problems but it is an enabler,” he says. “It gives a platform where people can create solutions. Use it correctly, it can help to be part of the solution.”

Sustainability is a long-time priority for Alcatel-Lucent, he says. “For us as a company it is an imperative, very simply because our customers want us to create products and services that are there for the long term.

“Personally, I think it’s an opportunity,” he adds. “If you look to where we’re at in the economy, we are all looking for points of inspiration. What is more inspiring than making sure you have a solution, something that’s good for your generation, for the next generation and for my grandchildren’s generation?”

Verwaayan also talks of the GreenTouch Consortium, which sees Alcatel-Lucent work with competitors, customers and universities to make networks more energy efficient.

Watch the full video interview here:

On the morning of 25 January, Silicon Republic, in association with the Green IFSC, will host the Green Growth Forum 2013, where high-profile international keynotes will be joined by local experts and leaders in finance, technology and policy, and take part in mediated panel discussions. The theme of the forum is: Fostering and Financing Green Innovation

Ann O’Dea is the CEO and co-founder of Silicon Republic and the founder of Future Human