Irish Parkinson’s app that improves walking and speech gets major approval

8 Jan 2019

Image: © nito/

The largest Parkinson’s disease charity in Europe has given the seal of approval to a new Irish smartphone app developed by Beats Medical.

The advent of a personal computer in your pocket has been a revelation for those living with conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, giving them greater means of managing their symptoms, which include tremors, slowness of movement and rigidity.

In response to increasing demand for the latest technology, Parkinson’s UK has curated a library of safe and approved apps and devices. These apps have all been assessed by independent experts and tested by users who also have Parkinson’s, and can be used to help manage the condition.

Now, an app developed by Irish start-up Beats Medical has received the seal of approval as it has been shown to improve patients’ walking, speech and hand movements. The Parkinson’s Treatment Service app is the first Parkinson’s-specific app to feature in the library and is registered as a class-one medical device.

One of those to have used the app said: “[I] found the speech exercises on the app had a fairly immediate effect on my voice. I’m aware of my weak voice and try to do regular singing. After just a few days with the voice exercises, my singing voice was noticeably stronger.”

Founded by 2015 Inspirefest speaker Dr Ciara Clancy in 2012, the company has also been working with those living with the condition dyspraxia, which can make it difficult to coordinate physical movement.

Speaking of the latest seal of approval, Clancy said: “We’re delighted to be recognised by Parkinson’s UK and their panel of experts for the quality of care we provide to patients.

“We are dedicated to improving the independence and quality of life of people with Parkinson’s around the globe, and continue to strive to do more for the people that we treat now and in the future.”

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic