Irish software firm criticises lack of government school funding

14 Nov 2007

According to Irish educational software firm, Fluirse, 20pc of primary schools around the country can be classified as disadvantaged while our economy enjoys the position of third fastest growing worldwide.

Fluirse has donated over €200,000 worth of interactive educational software to these 600 plus disadvantaged schools nationwide.

This software is newly developed and is the first of its kind to be based on the Irish educational curriculum.

Kristian O’Donovan, co-founder of Fluirse, said the company is sick of waiting for the Government to “step up” and provide schools with adequate finding so Fluirse has decided to get proactive itself.

“Even though over 600 schools are classed as disadvantaged, the reality is that the majority of schools are disadvantaged.

“Teachers are clearly lacking the support and training necessary to effectively use what limited ICT resources are available to them in the classroom.”

O’Donovan said that while Fluirse’s donation was small in comparison to the sustained funding that primary schools need, it is the company’s way of proving its commitment to tackling the issue.

Previously the educational software company has spoken out about the government fund of €3.3m for disadvantaged schools.

Fluirse says that, even combined with the €252m under the National Development Plan allocated for ICT equipment in schools, it would amount to little more than €45 per child.

By Marie Boran