IT Sligo launches online lecture series

5 Jan 2010

Much like the iTunes U service from Apple, the Institute of Technology, Sligo, is launching a free online series of lectures in the form of webinars that begin on 27 January.

IT Sligo, which also provides several online distance learning undergraduate and postgraduate courses, is running this series of 10 webinars aimed at third-level lecturers, looking at the dissemination of best practice in teaching and learning.

The lectures will be presented by experts both from Sligo IT and third-level institutions from around Ireland and the US and will have an accompanying blog.

“Our webinar series is an innovative way of bringing expertise to wide audience,” Prof Terri Scott, the president of IT Sligo commented.

“At IT Sligo we have made a commitment to investing in staff development; supporting a world-class learning environment and  the adoption of new technologies.”

Professional development tool

Brian Mulligan, the open learning co-ordinator at IT Sligo and organiser of the webinar series added that the webinars will “play a major role in the continuing professional development of educators and others”.

“This series will expose many educators to teaching techniques that they have not used before.  Although many of the techniques presented will not be based on technology, the medium itself will illustrate the power of the internet and reflects the need to develop these educators in using new technologies,” explained Mulligan.

By Marie Boran

Photo: The Institute of Technology, Sligo, is running 10 webinars that begin on 27 January for third-level lecturers.