LifeScienceHub sets up at NI Science Park to invest in life-science technologies

31 Aug 2012

Pictured are Mervyn Watley, director of corporate real estate and facilities at Northern Ireland Science Park, with Declan Service, founder of LifeScienceHub

LifeScienceHub, a new initiative that has been set up to identify, develop and commercialise late-stage life-science technologies, has based itself at Northern Ireland Science Park. The new venture is aiming to help such technologies get to market and has just financed its next technology – Wound phase.

Set up by Declan Service, LifeScienceHub is aiming to invest in late-stage life-science technologies that are no more than 18 months to two years from market.

“Often innovations are stopped in their tracks when money, expertise and enthusiasm run out. Our objective is to give these products that have commercial potential the support they need to get to market and deliver profits,” said Service.

As for the technology Wound phase that LifeScienceHub is financing, it’s a point-of-care diagnostic tool to help health practitioners assess the effectiveness of their treatment for chronic wounds. The technology is aiming to help medical professionals better manage wounds, achieve savings for the health system, and give patients better outcomes.

As well as Wound phase, LifeScienceHub has already licensed two new projects from the University of Ulster. These are ‘Visidose’, a new type of spacer device for people with asthma, and ‘EasiSeat’, a multi-adjustable seating system for disabled adults.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic