Making Ireland a synbio hub – Synthetic Biology Future (video)

18 Mar 2014

Bill Liao, venture partner with SOSventures

Cork County Hall hosted the Synthetic Biology Future event on 13 March, bringing in some of the leading authorities on the future technology from Ireland and the world.

Hosted by SOSventures, the Synthetic Biology Future was in preparation for this summer’s synthetic biology accelerator, Synbioaxlr8r, orchestrated by the venture-capital funding group.

As part of the accelerator, synbio start-ups will receive seed funding of US$30,000, lab space in University College Cork’s facilities, as well as mentorship to help develop ideas into viable companies. had been building up to the event, highlighting just how financially important the sector is expected to become in the coming years, and how Ireland can lead the way in Europe, if not the world, with the right encouragement and investment at home and from overseas.

Some of the event’s speakers included Matthew Bennett, professor of biochemistry and cell biology at Rice University in the United States. He has spoken of Ireland showing promising potential in the field and was very encouraged by many of the Irish speakers present at the Synthetic Biology Future event. One of those speakers was ‘biohacker’ Cathal Garvey, and many students turned up to listen to what they should expect in their future careers from both the scientific and financial points of view.

We will be posting more videos from the event, so stay tuned for more updates.

SOS Ventures launches the Synbioaxlr8r programme at the Synthetic Biology Future Event

Full disclosure: SOSventures is an investor in Silicon Republic

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic