Weekend takeaway: Make way for the future of medtech

8 Dec 2017

Image: Kanashkin Evgeniy/Shutterstock

Everything you ever needed to know about the future of medtech in Ireland, from investing to innovating and much, much more.

Medtech Rising: Ireland will benefit from $522bn global medtech market

Galway is a major medtech hub

Connemara, Co Galway. Galway is a major medtech hub in Ireland. Image: UTBP/Shutterstock

The global medtech industry is thriving, and Ireland could play a major part in its success.

Meet one of Ireland’s most powerful women in medtech

Bronwyn Brophy

Bronwyn Brophy, vice-president of early technologies, EMEA, Medtronic. Image: Medtronic

Ireland has a wealth of innovative medtech start-ups and teams, and Medtronic’s Bronwyn Brophy is there to take them to the next level.

Ida Tin: ‘The biggest challenge is figuring out what you want to do’

Ida Tin, Founder of Clue

Ida Tin, founder of Clue. Image: Clue

Whether you want to start a business or just want to excel in your career, Clue founder Ida Tin is sure to inspire you.

‘I felt I could do much more than just give lectures, I could save lives’

Isma Liza Mohd Isa

Dr Isma Liza Mohd Isa, postdoctoral researcher at Cúram, NUI Galway. Image: NUI Galway

Dr Isma Liza Mohd Isa aims to eradicate chronic back pain forever.

Why cybersecurity is essential for the progress of medtech

Pacemaker implant

Pacemaker implant. Image: Tonpor Kasa/Shutterstock

From patches placed on the skin for drug delivery, to pacemakers that can be remotely monitored by medical staff, we are living in an age where we have never had more information or control over our own health.

Medical imaging: A journey inside the human body with Cinematic VRT

Cinematic VRT

Cinematic VRT. Image: syngo.via/Siemens Healthineers

Siemens Healthineers is using a technique deployed in the film industry to develop a revolutionary method of looking inside the human body.

‘Medical technology is a driver of health and wealth’


Bill Doherty, vice-president of Cook Medical EMEA, and managing director of Cook Medical Ireland. Image: Gary Barrett Photography

As part of Medtech Week, we spoke to Bill Doherty of Cook Medical about the major challenges in the medtech industry today.

Hibergene diagnoses the roots causes of success in medtech

HiberGene diagnoses the roots causes of success in medtech

For Medtech Week, we spoke to CEO Brendan Farrell about Hibergene, his sixth foray into medtech entrepreneurship.

‘I want to see a new generation of medical devices forged in Ireland’

Owen Larkin medtech

Dr Owen Clarkin, chair of biomedical engineering at Dublin City University’s School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. Image: DCU

Dr Owen Clarkin of DCU believes we are at the dawn of a new age of medtech, and Ireland could be in a position to lead it.

How can we breathe new life into lung medicines?


Image: wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock

Prof Sally Ann Cryan is developing new ways of packaging drugs so they can be inhaled directly into lungs to fight TB and other conditions. She spoke to Dr Claire O’Connell.

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