Microsoft Research releases SDK for Kinect

22 Feb 2011

Microsoft will release a non-commercial software development kit (SDK) for using its Kinect motion controller on PCs.

The release, developed by Microsoft Research with the Interactive Entertainment Business (IEB), will be aimed at enthusiasts and academics to explore the possibilities of the Xbox 360 handsfree motion controller.

“Microsoft’s investments in natural user interfaces are vital to our long-term vision of creating computers that are intuitive to use and able to do far more for us,” said Craig Mundie, Microsoft’s chief research and strategy officer.

“The fruits of these research investments are manifesting across many of our products, Kinect for Xbox 360 among them.”

This SDK will be a starter kit for researchers and communities to create new and innovative interfaces using this technology.

It will give them access to Kinect system information, including audio, system application-programming interfaces and direct control of the sensor.

The controller has already been hacked by enthusiasts for many different uses, such as controlling robots and for capturing 3D video.

It will be released in spring 2011. Microsoft plan to release a commercial version at a later date.