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8 May 2015

We’re always told momentum is key. Football title decider? Momentum wins it. Election win? Momentum caused it. But what does momentum look like?

Well, when you peruse the wonderful world wide web some pretty brilliant things emerge.

Like a teen that can’t stop himself from rolling down a hill, or a snowboarder speeding just in front of what looks like an avalanche.

So for this morning we thought we’d let you marvel at: (a) a dog that can’t quite make the leap from one couch to another, showing when momentum fails:

Dog fails jump

(b) A cool spinning chair type thing that astronauts have to sit in to test them for G-force something or other:

3-Axe Spinning at Astronaut Training

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(c) The greatest ever gymnast event, which sees a lady use a type of hamster wheel to pull off some pretty brilliant moves, while balancing tremendous amounts of physics in her head:

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(d) A wondrous use of unicycles, which looks the funnest thing ever, until you see (e) a race that absolutely everybody wishes they could win:

Bowling ball, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic