Weekend Takeaway: Green goals and a blood moon

18 Jan 2019

Image: © Tony Monti/Stock.adobe.com

Essential sci-tech reading, including why Ireland’s Government dallies on achieving green goals and how to view the ‘super blood wolf moon’ this weekend.

Why is the Government so late when it comes to taking climate action?

Slanted hour glass on grass against a blurry background with a setting sun.

Image: © icedmocha/Stock.adobe.com

The Irish Government is doubling down on its message that taking climate action is necessary, all while hundreds of millions in EU fines await, writes Colm Gorey.

Confirmed: 1,500 new jobs and a Salesforce Tower for Dublin

Aerial rendering of Salesforce Tower in Dublin.

Aerial rendering of Salesforce Tower in Dublin. Image: Salesforce

Marc Benioff’s company once declared that software is dead. But, in Dublin’s fair city, the global cloud software ecosystem that Salesforce has generated is very much alive.

When and where can I see the ‘super blood wolf moon’ this weekend?

A large blood supermoon taking up the night sky.

Image: © darksoul72/Stock.adobe.com

Stargazers will be in for a treat this weekend with the so-called ‘super blood wolf moon’ set to appear, the last one for another 18 years.

How to build an inclusive and equitable workplace

A smiling woman with dark, short hair sits relaxed in front of an Inspirefest 2019 backdrop.

Heather Melville. Image: Chris Bellew/Fennell Photography

Ann O’Dea and Heather Melville offer their tips on encouraging diversity and inclusion in work, and explain why this is a winning strategy.

Ofcom report shows vulnerable people are disconnected from digital society

Back of an older man's head wearing headphones as he uses a laptop computer.

Image: © Budimir Jevtic/Stock.adobe.com

UK regulator warns that people who are already marginalised are being left behind in a growing digital landscape.

Google spends $40m on mysterious Fossil smartwatch technology

Two Fossil smartwatches. Grey metal on left with rose gold model on right, displays featuring heart rate monitors.

Image: Fossil

Google has acquired some secret IP from renowned watchmaker Fossil in a multimillion-dollar deal.

DCU launches new research hub exploring cutting-edge business tech

DOTlab researchers standing together in a line in front of the new logo for the research centre.

Members of the newly established IIDB. Image: DCU

DCU has unveiled plans for a new research centre focusing on areas such as big data and blockchain for business.

Not-so-deadly ‘Celtic curse’ has been hiding a much darker secret

A person wearing an orange jumper with their sleeve up while hooked up to a blood donation machine.

Bloodletting is a common treatment for haemochromatosis. Image: © kasto/Stock.adobe.com

One of the Ireland’s most common genetic disorders is causing far higher levels of serious disease than we thought.

Lero claims economic impact of more than €500m and 2,678 new jobs

Man in stripy shirt holding smartphone beside a robot.

Prof Brian Fitzgerald, director, Lero. Image: Sean Curtin

Every €1 invested in the SFI-funded Lero centre has made more than €5 for the Irish economy, says report.

Important gene discovery helps find those most at risk of common cancer

Man undergoing body scan while a doctor discusses his diagnosis with a doctor using a screen.

Image: © auremar/Stock.adobe.com

Researchers in the US have identified a specific gene that could help us quickly find patients at high risk for prostate cancer to spread.