NDRC collaborates with Sentry Wireless for mobile security

2 Jun 2010

A collaborative project involving DIT and Sentry Wireless will be joining the NRDC (National Digital Research Centre) Catalyser Programme to work on ‘Sentinel’ software for mobile security.

This new project will see Sentinel providing a unique firewall application for SIM cards used in mobile devices by combining Sentry Wireless’ unique IP as well as expertise and research from the Dublin Institute of Technology.

The Sentinel firewall will block dangerous phishing messages that may come through SMS to mobile devices.

Users of SMS for business or private users can feel ‘safe’ with no threat of SPAM attack to their personal mobile device.

The NDRC says that the application of Sentinel can operators by reducing customer service costs, increasing network capacity, addressing regulatory requirements, reducing customer churn and enabling new revenue streams such as mobile banking and mobile advertising.

“NDRC contributes to the innovation ecosystem in Ireland by collaborating with commercial enterprises and academic institutions to advance ideas from concept to product,” said Ben Hurley, CEO, NDRC.

“In this instance, our Catalyser programme brings the wealth of experience and expertise at Sentry Wireless, and that of Sarah Jane Delaney at DIT, together with the collaborative commercialisation expertise and environment of NDRC.”

The NDRC in association with DIT and Sentry Wireless plans to bring Sentinel to a commercial-launch platform within two years.

Speaking about the partnership Ciaran Bradley, CTO of Sentry Wireless, said that the organisation applied to join the Catalyser programme because it feels that the progressive approach and support will push forward launch to a global market by 2012.

By Marie Boran