NDRC’s Catalyser programme seeks industry partners

9 Aug 2011

The National Digital Research Centre (NDRC) is looking for industry partners to work with researchers to develop digital products as part of its Catalyser programme.

Through Catalyser, NDRC enters into joint ventures with companies and research groups to provide commericalisation expertise and investment into great digital ventures, focusing on the health, education, entertainment and green tech markets.

“NDRC worked with Rococo and University College Dublin on the development of the LocalSocial proximity platform. With NDRC’s investment and expertise we were able to combine our deep market knowledge with a research and development concept to create an original export-driven product,” said Sean O’Sullivan, CEO, Rococo Software and NDRC collaborator.

“We are now marketing the LocalSocial proximity platform, and have been able to target this at an international market based on a unique approach that NDRC enabled us to develop.”

To speak to NDRC experts about the Catalyser programme, email amy.neale@ndrc.ie.

Photo: NDRC CEO Ben Hurley speaking at recent Catalyser event