#OI2Conf: A perfect storm of technology could answer the grand challenges of our time (video)

13 Jun 2014

Martin Curley, director of Intel Labs Europe and chair of EU OISPG, pictured at Open Innovation 2.0 in the Convention Centre Dublin (photo by Conor McCabe Photography)

At the second Open Innovation 2.0 event in Dublin, conference co-chair Martin Curley, director of Intel Labs Europe, tells us about the key themes emerging from the day and why this international gathering has become an annual event.

As well as being director of Intel Labs Europe and vice-president of Intel Labs, Curley is also chair of the EU Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG), which works in close collaboration with the European Commission to drive the Open Innovation 2.0 paradigm.

Following last year’s inaugural Open Innovation 2.0 event, Curley has seen lots of progress in terms of influencing European policy and delivering results on the ground.

Curley notes the ‘perfect storm’ of technology that creates enormous opportunities for innovation, but adds that this requires the co-operation of all groups – citizens, governments, industry and academia – to provide solutions for the grand challenges of our time.

That’s why Open Innovation 2.0 has reconvened and may well become an annual affair. The key themes discussed at this year’s event were crowd-making (that is, using collective intelligence and hyperconnectivity to arrive at and build solutions faster than ever before) and the development of the internet of things and smart cities.

Fundamentally, though, innovation requires people working together to achieve a common aim. “We need to make it way less impersonal and actually have people proactively shape their futures,” said Curley. If masses of people are open and willing to engage, innovative movements can not only harness collective intelligence but also this collective energy, which will help things move much faster.

#OI2Conf: Interview with Martin Curley, Intel Labs and EU OISPG 

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