Pluto flyby by New Horizons honoured with Google Doodle

14 Jul 2015

NASA's New Horizons flyby of planet Pluto and its moon Charon has been honoured by an amazing Google animated doodle.

NASA’s New Horizons probe’s flyby of Pluto has been honoured by an amazing Doodle illustrating the probe spinning around Pluto.

Today the New Horizons spacecraft will provide the best view of Pluto we have ever seen or will ever see for decades to come.

Google’s New Horizons doodle, which has been designed by Kevin Laughlin, shows the probe spinning around Pluto.

The probe weighs more than 1,000 pounds and is in reality travelling at 31,000MPH (49,000KMPH) around Pluto.

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The probe will provide hitherto unseen detail of the surface of Pluto, including deep chasms, craters and a heart-shaped feature on its surface.

New Horizons Pluto flyby

New Horizons will also capture geological structures on the surface of Pluto’s largest moon, Charon, which includes impact craters and a darkened region at its north pole.

The physical feat of taking pictures of Pluto and its moon Charon has been likened to trying to take a photo of a passing car – not easy when that car is moving at 49,000kmph.

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