Research-commercialisation links key to success – minister

26 Oct 2011

Minister for Small Business, John Perry, TD

Linking enterprise with research institutions will deliver innovative market-led products, Minister for Small Business, John Perry, TD, said, speaking at the ‘Innovative Entrepreneurship: Pulling on Both Oars’ conference in Dublin today.

“The breadth of R&D activity in Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) is impressive and examples such as the Digital Media Centre, Nanolab Research Centre, Photonics Research Centre and the innovative Hothouse technology transfer centre show the emphasis which is being placed on the transition from research to commercialisation in Dublin IT,” Perry said.

“Developing a modern knowledge-led economy requires that creativity and innovation play a key part in Ireland’s recovery from the current economic crisis. Key to future success is a sustained focus on company capabilities in research, innovation and technology, and linking enterprise with research institutions in order to deliver innovative, market-led products.”

Many institutes have developed niche areas of advanced research competence and have enhanced their engagement with local industry, and small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular, Perry added.

“Investment in higher education goes to the heart of what we are doing as a Government and is critical to our success. Irish institutes of technology play a crucial role in economic development. The 13 institutes of technology have a lot to offer local industry and have built up extremely good contacts with R&D performing companies.”

A critical element of the Government’s investment in R&D infrastructure is the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions (PRTLI), said Perry.

“PRTLI is an enabling investment, putting in place the bedrock of national research capacity in the higher-education sector. This includes top-class research infrastructure that is buildings, laboratories and cutting-edge equipment, as well as national shared facilities, and structured PhD programmes. It is about providing appropriate top-class facilities for Ireland’s research community while also providing training and education opportunities for our next generation of academics and entrepreneurs.”