Weekend takeaway: A revolution in research

23 Jun 2017

Image: Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock

From medtech devices to Ireland’s dramatic tech transfer turnaround, here is your essential sci-tech reading for the weekend.

1. Medtech made in Ireland: Check out these 15 incredible medical devices

To mark European Medtech Week, we take a look at just 15 remarkable medical devices coming out of Ireland.

2. Ireland accelerates its research on the road to commercialisation

In just under 15 years, Ireland’s research ecosystem has gone from being a tech transfer backwater to a world-class destination, writes John Kennedy.

3. International research collaboration has never been more important – SFI chief

Prof Mark Ferguson explains why Science Foundation Ireland will continue to harness the potential of international research collaborations, even in shifting times.

4. If we’re eating so unhealthily, why are we living longer?

We’re learning more and more about what we should be eating, yet many people’s diets remain an absolute mess. So how come life expectancy is lengthening?

5. Power to the people: A patient revolution is underway in Irish research

A revolution is brewing among researchers, with the rise of citizen science and greater involvement of the public – but some aren’t so convinced.

6. Has anything changed for the #distractinglysexy women in research?

It is no secret that there is a significant gender gap in science and tech roles, but have recent movements aimed at raising the profile of women in research made any difference at all?

7. How well can you communicate your research to people?

It’s one thing to be on the cutting edge of research. But what good is that if you can’t get the right people to listen to you?

8. 5 cool companies hiring in research and development right now

Does your passion lie in the cutting edge of research? Check out some of the coolest companies hiring people in research right now.

9. Diaceutics proves empowering testing is its own miracle drug

Thanks to technology developed by Irish diagnostics company Diaceutics, around 500,000 patients in the EU and US have so far received accurate testing.

10. Cúram: The Galway medtech centre you might want to keep an eye on

The Cúram medical devices research centre at NUI Galway has big plans for the future, after securing €22m in EU funding within 10 months of opening.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years