Rudolph the robot reindeer, has a very shiny chrome

23 Dec 2015

Boston Dynamics has a reputation for creating some pretty weird robots, pioneering an industry that has seemingly been in its infancy for decades now.

However, it’s rare for engineering projects take on the social calendar, reacting to festivities. For example, we never get robot bunnies producing chocolate eggs at Easter, or robot witches boiling up a spellbound broth in October.

But now, at last, Christmas has come. Boston Dynamics’ Spot dog has been adapted for the colder weather, the harsher terrain, the long, arduous journey from the North pole to your living room.

The video shows a fairly chuffed Mrs Claus being dragged along by three adequately decorated Spots, replacing Rudolph, Comet and Prancer (we assume) in what will in no way encourage children to believe in the wonder of seasonal reindeer flight.

Of course Boston Dynamics has form, as noted, with Atlas, the bi-pedal robot that this year became a ‘real boy’ after it was able to cut the strings keeping it from achieving its dreams as a truly independent worker robot.

Or how about Ian, the robot dubbed ‘The Karate Kid’ for its fighting performances, although it’s unlikely to win a black belt anytime soon.

Here’s Atlas, actually, working out. Enjoy!

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Reindeer image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic