Weekend Takeaway: Will 2019 be a brave new year for sci-tech?

4 Jan 2019

Image: © metamorworks/Stock.adobe.com

A round-up of the best sci-tech reads to get you up to speed this weekend at the dawn of what could be a fascinating new year.

Cybersecurity trends 2019: What should you look out for?

View of an athlete's running shoes and hands on a red track, preparing to race.

Image: © Tierney/Stock.adobe.com

As the year begins, there are a few key areas that cybersecurity professionals should keep in mind.

If Apple sneezes, the rest of the tech economy will catch its cold

People standing around inside an Apple Store in Barcelona.

Apple store in Barcelona. Image: ifeelstock/Depositphotos

As Apple shares slide almost 10pc in the wake of Tim Cook’s sales warning, what comes next?

7 climate-conscious New Year’s resolutions you really should consider

Discarded bags, bottles and disposable cups surround a paper cut-out recycling logo.

Image: © 9dreamstudio/Stock.adobe.com

Clear out the clutter and try some new thinking in how you eat, shop and travel for a climate-conscious 2019.

IDA Ireland report shows Brexit has created more than 4,500 jobs in Ireland

Cliffs of Moher at sunset in Co Clare, with pink clouds in the sky.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland. Image: © Voyagerix/Stock.adobe.com

IDA Ireland has unveiled its results for 2018, highlighting the effects of Brexit on the Irish economy.

Historic Chinese moon lander returns first shot of unexplored region

Concept shot of the far side of the moon, Earth and a distant sun.

Image: © dottedyeti/Stock.adobe.com

Space exploration has started strongly in 2019 with China now releasing the first up-close image from the far side of the moon.

Ethnic discrimination is rife in the world of employment in Ireland, report says

A view of eager young jobseekers waiting to be called in for interview, hunched over laptops and squinting at their phones.

Image: © oneinchpunch/Stock.adobe.com

Black Irish, black non-Irish and Asian Irish employees can experience greater levels of workplace discrimination than their white Irish counterparts, a new report compiled by the ESRI finds.

How to get up early in the morning even though mornings are awful

view of a sleeping person with their hand slapping an alarm that is shocking them into consciousness.

Image: © Werner Stapelfeldt/Stock.adobe.com

Whatever about the early bird getting the worm, peeling yourself out of bed at some unspeakable hour is not ideal. Here’s how you can make yourself do it nevertheless.

Millennials are solving today’s workplace problems

A diverse group of millennials sitting around in a comfortable room collaborating together.

Image: © Jacob Lund/Stock.adobe.com

Cheryl Cran is examining the workplace problems of today and tomorrow, and how millennials can solve them.

How this Irish business bucks the trend for women in tech leadership

Two professionally dressed blonde women sit side by side in a conference room, smiling brightly.

From left: Sharon Walsh and Lorna Martyn, Fidelity Investments. Image: Luke Maxwell

The Irish arm of Fidelity Investments has reached award-winning status for its gender diversity initiatives. Here’s how it did it.

Biologists discover ‘extraordinary’ frog with a truly strange appendage

Distant shot from a grouping of trees of the San Rafael Falls, the largest waterfall in Ecuador.

Image: © Kseniya Ragozina/Stock.adobe.com

Researchers in Ecuador have been left baffled by the discovery of a new species of treefrog that has a strange claw-like structure on its thumb.