Weekend takeaway: Sorting science fact from science fiction

6 Apr 2018

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Your weekend digest includes the influence of science fiction on sci-tech, the single-digit club in Silicon Valley and the ongoing changes at Facebook.

Prediction or influence? Science-fiction books that forecast the future

Prediction or influence? Sci-fi books that forecast the future

The California Nebula processed with the Hubble Space Telescope palette. Image: Albert Barr/Shutterstock

In many instances, sci-fi writers have dreamed up technologies that have since become realities. We look back at some of the best literature-inspired STEM innovations.

SVB’s Claire Lee: ‘Time to end the single-digit club’

SVB’s Claire Lee: ‘Time to end the single-digit club’

Silicon Valley Bank’s Claire Lee, who will be speaking at the upcoming Inspirefest in June. Image: Silicon Valley Bank

Younger entrepreneurs in technology and finance don’t see obstacles in their path, Claire Lee tells John Kennedy.

A guide to the new privacy changes at Facebook

Facebook makes its data policy clearer as the Cambridge Analytica scandal continues to roll on.

Facebook fears more Cambridge Analytica-like breaches

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg admits network probe underway as CEO Mark Zuckerberg is due to appear before US Congress next week.

Microsoft to funnel $5bn into IoT research over the next four years

Microsoft is diverting a chunk of its budget into IoT research and development, while a new wearable from MIT can read your mind.

How can we ignite the STEM spark at primary school?


Dr Maeve Liston, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick. Image: Dr Maeve Liston

Dr Maeve Liston is looking to boost scientific thinking among primary-school students. She spoke to Dr Claire O’Connell.

How to handle change in your career and beyond

How to handle change in your career and beyond

Image: Tommy Daynjer/Shutterstock

Handling big changes in your life, even positive ones, can be difficult, but adopting some of these techniques could alleviate the stress.

Citizen IT developers: Friend or foe of the IT industry?

Citizen IT developers: friend or foe of the IT industry?

Image: Russell Johnson/Shutterstock

The advent of citizen IT developers is upon us, but the question remains as to whether IT professionals should celebrate or be wary of the trend.

3 steps to optimise your CV for algorithms

Image: Nitchakul Sangpetch/Shutterstock

To streamline the recruitment process, many CVs now go through preliminary screening, which is assessed by algorithms. So, how do you ensure your CV passes the test? Hays’ Jane McNeill has some advice.

9 companies you can meet at NIBRT’s Careers in Biopharma event

NIBRT biopharma careers fair

Looking for your dream job within the biopharma sector? Find out which top companies you can meet at NIBRT’s Careers in Biopharma event.