Science Gallery and Ticketmaster gear up for hackathons

24 Apr 2017

Science Gallery Dublin. Image: William Murphy/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Two new hackathons will be hosted in the coming months as Science Gallery Dublin and Ticketmaster rev up their machines.

‘What project would you invent if you could harness the power of neural pathways and computers?’

That’s the question that Science Gallery Dublin is asking ahead of its June exhibition: Hack the Brain.

Using your brain

This will be a weekend-long hackathon open to artists, designers, neuroscientists, experimental psychologists, developers and engineers.

At the event (9-11 June), teams will develop ideas into prototype artworks, objects, inventions or interfaces that use or harness brain signals and brain-computer interface (BCI) technology.

The event aims to help create new transdisciplinary collaborations in the field of BCI technology.

Another key goal is to highlight the importance of the innovative, aesthetic and ethical contributions of the arts in scientific and technological developments.

Online submissions of projects are welcomed until 8 May, after which six will be chosen for the hackathon.

These submissions don’t have to be complete or perfect, and in-depth knowledge of neuroscience is not a prerequisite.

Tickets, please

Meanwhile, Ticketmaster is getting in on the hackathon act, too, as the company claims to be serious about opening up its e-commerce platform.

That will soon be put to the test with a hackathon at the Digital Exchange in Dublin (6 May).

The event will give developers insight into how Ticketmaster operates, while allowing the company’s team access to developers that may have been otherwise hidden.

The idea is that Ticketmaster employees can connect with the developer community and gain insightful feedback on industry experience.

The hackathon will focus on Ticketmaster’s open API strategy, with the theme of ‘event discovery’. Here, developers will use Ticketmaster’s APIs and combine them with others to potentially tweak the company’s service.

This will be Ticketmaster’s ninth such event globally, with more than 500 hackers having attended events in LA, Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, Quebec City and, most recently, London and Berlin.

Science Gallery Dublin. Image: William Murphy/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic