Sea2Sky event in Galway to celebrate European Researchers’ Night on 28 September

10 Sep 2012

Paul Cotter and Andrew Carey, sixth-class students from Scoil Einde in Salthill, prepare for Sea2Sky in Galway on 28 September

A science event called Sea2Sky, covering the themes of marine science, atmospherics and astronomy, will be taking place in Salthill in Galway on 28 September to celebrate European Researchers’ Night. Such science-themed events will be taking place in more than 300 cities across Europe on the night itself.

The European Commission-funded events themselves have been running since 2005 in order to bring science to the people, especially families.

This year, on the evening of 28 September, the Promenade in Salthill, Galway, will be transformed into an outdoor lab, as researchers will be sharing their work with the public. People will be able to engage in experiments and to watch demonstrations.

The partners involved in Sea2Sky are NUI Galway, the Marine Institute, Galway Atlantaquaria and CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory in Cork.

Sea2Sky is also linking up with the Galway Science and Technology Forum’s exhibition about the work of CERN – Accelerating Science.

Boston Scientific, in partnership with NUI Galway, is sponsoring the visit of the CERN exhibition to Galway. The event will be running from 16 September until 9 November at Leisureland in Salthill.

“Interest in science is riding high and making headlines around the world. We have been captivated by news from the Large Hadron Collier in Geneva, images from NASA’s mission on Mars, and video from the journey to the deepest point of the ocean by Hollywood’s James Cameron,” said NUI Galway’s Dr Andy Shearer, a physics lecturer and organiser of the Sea2Sky event.

As well as the CERN visit, Sea2Sky is set to feature 3D tours of the universe and tours of the aquarium in Galway Atlantaquaria.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic