SFI opens up consultation process for 2020 strategy agenda and 2013 operational plan

3 Sep 2012

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) has announced the launch of a draft of its new Strategy Agenda 2020 and operational plan for 2013. It means that academics, researchers and industry will have until 28 September to submit their suggestions in relation to the future direction of science funding in Ireland.

The open consultation process will begin tomorrow (4 September) at 1pm, with a webinar briefing on the SFI website.

During the open consultation process, which will run until 28 September, scientific researchers, companies, academics, professional bodies and any other interested parties will be able to submit their suggestions on both the Strategy Agenda 2020 and SFI’s 2013 operational plan.

SFI has been coming under fire from certain segments of the research community of late for its swerve towards investing in scientific research with a faster commercial return.

As for the open consultation process, the agency said today that submissions will be reviewed on an ongoing basis throughout the month-long process. The final publication will be in October.

SFI’s director-general Prof Mark Ferguson described Agenda 2020 as an “ambitious strategic plan” that will have specific actions and key performance indicators to measure progress.  

He said the agenda will have four primary objectives for SFI, including creating impact from research and demonstrating clear value for money invested. Another objective, according to the agency, will be to make SFI an exemplar in building partnerships that fund science and drive it out into the market.

“We look forward to contributive suggestions on how we can improve the proposed action to achieve these goals, which in turn will catalyse and accelerate Ireland’s economic and societal development,” added Ferguson.

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Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic