Siri’s sibling Trapit may revolutionise content discovery

15 Nov 2011

If you thought Siri, the artificial intelligence voice assistant on the iPhone 4S, was impressive, we wonder what you’d make of its sibling Trapit, a new way of discovering content brought to you by DARPA-supported CALO.

The virtual discovery engine can figure out what users want to discover with just a word or two. It will scan an archive of 30 days in 10 seconds and return 100 pieces of content.

It will then save the results in a topic-based ‘trap’ and will then continue to grab content for your trap.

The science at play here is that the ‘trap’ will learn what interests the reader and give better content suggestions as time goes by.

Every time a user logs on the trap will present new content related to what the user is interested in.

The web is an echo chamber

“You can leverage any of our curated traps, or start your own,” the research team said on its official site. “Trapit also adapts with each use. Think of it like Pandora for content – Trapit gets to know you better over time, and keeps up as your interests evolve. Trapit delivers news, blogs posts, reviews, videos and much more – all hand-picked for you.

“The web is an echo chamber. You see the same articles and videos over and over again. Your individual preferences are overlooked by sites and services that take a one-size-fits-all approach, and they privilege the same handful of over-hyped articles and videos above all else. It’s much too hard to find the good stuff.

“Trapit prioritises the web for you, based on you – a perfect match of content from over 50,000 sources to your personal, unique interests,” the Trapit team said.