Just how smart can cars get? (Infographic)

7 Dec 2015

The innovation ongoing in the auto-tech industry is quite remarkable at the moment, with ideas for everything from smartphone OS interfaces to autonomous vehicles all being entertained. But where are we right now? And where are we going?

At the moment, cars are pretty smart. To be honest, 50 years ago cars were pretty smart. Engineers made them that way. Now, though, functionality is reaching new levels.

Pick up any number of new cars now, for example, and you’ll see a monitor showing what’s behind your vehicle, radar technology that alerts you when you’re backing into something, and even smart breaking that reacts to your speed.

Really smart cars are on the way

But researchers want to go further. Much further. We’ve written before of the iOS & Android battle to take control of the newer, smarter dashboards in cars. Interestingly, major carmakers don’t see this as a viable option, coming up with their own OSs as a means of competition.

But even that is small fry compared to what Google, Apple and many more companies with little history in vehicular construction are looking into – the automated and interactive cars of the future.

Soon, cars will be so packed with sensors that drivers’ vitals will be monitored, locks will be accessed through biometrics, AI will react to spoken requests and windows could even become touchscreen monitors.

FBD’s infographic explains it all:

Smart Cars

Car image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic