Smart metering company expands into UK and EU markets

2 Apr 2013

Galway-based energy-monitoring company Meterlogix, which recently announced 12 new jobs, has launched a new business in the UK market as a first step before launching into Europe.

The UK operation is already accounting for 50pc of Meterlogix’s revenues, the company said today.

“As a technology company, borders are not a barrier to us,” said Ollie Walsh, managing director of Meterlogix.

“So from the very beginning of the planning for Meterlogix, Ireland was a launch pad into bigger markets. Ireland is an important market to us, but was never going to be our destination.”

In December, we reported that Meterlogix was to create 12 new jobs in the next two years.

The company has developed a new live monitoring system that provides company owners with exact information on their power usage and enables them to reduce energy.

The typical meters from electricity providers can only measure on a 15-minute average, whereas Meterlogix’s system can drill down into usage and help firms shave 10-15pc off their energy bills.

All of Meterlogix’s hardware and software has been developed in Ireland and the company’s engineers work closely with clients to ensure they are achieving maximum savings.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years