‘Smart radio’ to be tested in Dublin this week

16 Apr 2007

An international team of scientists will be conducting the world’s first trials for leading-edge wireless communication technologies next week around the Dublin area.

Led by Ireland’s Centre for Telecommunications Value Chain Research (CTVR) based in Trinity, these researchers have been granted a special licence by Ireland’s Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) to use Irish airwaves as a testing space.

CTVR will be testing this new technology to ascertain how best to use the world’s increasingly scarce radio wavebands through “intelligent radio”.

Some of the US, UK and European companies participating in these trials include Shared Spectrum Company, QiniteQ and Motorola Research Labs.

Professor Donal O’Mahony, director of CTVR, commented: “The trials will showcase cognitive or smart radio, innovative networks and emerging frequency technologies with a unique opportunity for companies worldwide to trial innovative wireless communications technologies.”

Applications for these emerging technologies could include mobile phones that “intelligently” scan the airwaves for a less crowded frequency

The trials coincide with DySPAN, a series of conferences to be held next week in Dublin, in which over 1,000 telecoms industry experts will gather for the first time to discuss the future of wireless communications.

O’Mahony said: “Ireland is an ideal base for experimental trials of the latest concepts and developments in wireless communications before deployment in target areas worldwide.

“The local research capacity, combined with ComReg’s enlightened licensing policy, positions Ireland to be the wireless research community’s spectrum playground,” he continued.

The raw data from these trials will compliment the DySPAN talks by being fed directly into the conferences as it is collected by CTVR.

By Marie Boran