Sony and Panasonic to launch new 300GB Archival Disc

10 Mar 2014

Facebook's Blu-ray storage centre

Sony and Panasonic have announced a partnership to launch a new data storage disc known as the Archival Disk which will beat all previous records by holding up to 300GB per disc.

The two companies made a joint announcement about its new disc in what they’re calling “a new standard for professional-use, next-generation optical discs”.

Data storage is not something that is simply in the realms of massive server rooms in far-flung locations but has become increasingly popular with companies to adopt secure storage on optical discs with Facebook being one of the highest-profile examples when their decision to use Sony’s Blu-ray discs as their primary source of data storage.

Optical discs are considered to have excellent properties to protect themselves against the environment, such as dust-resistance and water-resistance, and can also withstand changes in temperature and humidity when stored.

They are also considered a safe-bet in terms of moving from one digital format to another, something which is only going to increase in frequency as technology develops at the current rate.

As part of their plans, both Sony and Panasonic will release their 300GB discs in 2015 with the eventual goal of developing it over time to a 500GB version and finally a 1TB-capacity disc.

To give a scale of the capacity size, Sony’s Blu-ray discs are the largest available storage-wise to businesses with a capacity of 128GB.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic