Spanish firm comes up with smart bed that makes itself

11 Jun 2012

For those of us who find it hard enough to peel ourselves off the mattress every morning, let alone make our bed, Spanish furniture maker OHEA has come up with the ultimate in self-indulgence, a smart bed that will apparently make itself in 50 seconds, mechanically.

According to the company, its smart bed is equipped with a mechanical device that enables it to automatically straighten out its bedding once one gets up.

The device, it claims, will mechanically straighten out the bed’s duvet, plus the pillowcases. Meanwhile, the bottom sheet will stay straight because it will attach with Velcro to the mattress cover.

OHEA said the bed’s duvet has lateral cords that allow it to be pulled across the bed.

Those who decide to splash out on the bed can opt to set it to manual or automatic mode. With manual, when one presses the go button on the remote control, the bed’s mechanism will begin to make it.

Or else one can go down the automatic route. In this instance, the mechanism will kick into action three seconds after a person gets up to automatically make the bed.

The company has not revealed how much the smart bed will cost, however.

Check out this video clip of the bed in action:


Waking-up image via Shutterstock

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic